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Welcome to my tutorials page! You can use these to make gifts for family and friends, or to give for charity purposes. You can also sell the dolls and toys you make (except my logo doll) for charity or charitable/school fundraising purposes -it'd be nice to be noted on a tag somewhere who the designer is! Please don't sell them for commercial or personal profit.

You can print the patterns off on your own printer (or get someone really nice to do it for you). Not everyone uses A4 paper, so for that reason I have two sizes in the patterns for you to print off - A4 and Letter.

Each of the following are links to *.pfd's of the listed patterns. There are more tutorials coming soon, so check back occasionally.

To save, right click on the download link (either 'A4' or 'Letter') and click on "save link as..." or "save target as..." (depending on your browser), then save to your preferred folder.

  1. Basic Rag Doll Tutorials - 33cm or 13" tall:
    1. Basic rag doll tutorial - A4 - Letter
    2. Dress for a basic rag doll tutorial - A4 - Letter
    3. Overalls for a basic rag doll tutorial - A4 - Letter
    4. Shirt for a basic rag doll tutorial - A4 - Letter
    5. Underwear for a basic rag doll tutorial - A4 - Letter